Build A Bathroom With Remodeling

Build A Bathroom With Remodeling

The toilet cast-iron tub and all the wall and floor tile it’s a complete tear out we prep the shower area using half-inch cement board on all the walls that will be tiled and the floor will receive this underlayment to accept a slate floor this underlayment adheres directly to the subfloor with thin set mortar Bathroom Remodel And Renovation.

The slate tiles will be able to be set directly afterwards if you have any questions so far leave it in the comment box below and please we need your free subscription so click the subscribe button to be informed of all our new upcoming how-to videos we are ready to set the sub-base mortar.

It’s a mixture of four parts sand to one part Portland cement with very little water added the mixture is spread thin and tapered to the drain it took overnight for the sub base to cure it ready for the shower pan this PVC liner will absolutely stop any water and deliver it to the center drain.

We installed earlier secondary topcoat cement is a dry packed mixture of five to seven parts and to one part Portland with very little water the pea gravel is placed around the drain holes to prevent those drain holes from clogging.

I start by packing the mixture around the drain to hold the pea gravel in the dry pack is then smooth out and tapered to the drain this corner seat is custom made with colored concrete the concrete is also going to be used for the vanity countersink and skills always wipe my solder joints directly.

After with a wet cloth this valve will have a shower head and a diverter valve switch the four body sprays we can now finish the rest of the cement board it is all measured cut and fit into place we fastened the board with these special inch-and-a-quarter cement board screws.

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